Wednesday, August 3, 2022

ANDREW RAMSAY Inches Out From The Popularity of His Brother

Some say that the route to entering showbiz and making it big is faster if you're a relative of someone famous or you belong to a showbiz royalty family. But for Andrew Ramsay (yes he's the brother of Derek), he wanted to make it in showbiz by his own merits.

Andrew Ramsay is not here to be the next matinee idol. A new player in the local entertainment scene, he is more than just a kind and pretty face. With a passion for performance arts, Andrew is on the way to building his empire.

The theater is Andrew’s first stage. He found an interest in the theater at a tender age and dived deeper after learning about the works of Shakespeare. He has received training for acting in the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and the Philippine Educational Theater Association. Andrew also earned his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Acting for Film from the New York Film Academy.

Andrew returned to the Philippines after his stints in London and LA. In hopes of making a name 
for himself in the film circle, he auditioned for a role in Ginhawa, a feature-length film in competition for the 2022 Cinemalaya Film Festival. His character, Anton Banal, is an impoverished local boxer who dreams of making it big. While most films featuring athletes follow their road to success, Ginhawa tells otherwise. The story shows the grim realities of the sports industry and the harsh realities these hopeful boxers face. Andrew worked alongside veteran actress Ruby Ruiz and director Christian Paolo Lat for the ambitious project. To breathe life into the character of Anton, Andrew had to live in a boxing gym. He also lost weight and immersed himself in the vernacular to portray his character.

Another project that Andrew worked on recently is Living in the Dead of Night, a short film under the creative direction of David Olson. He plays Tom, a dubious drug dealer who takes advantage of the sheltered Hunter. Tom’s character is different from his real-life disposition, but it was a role that he took on with much intensity. Andrew also pursues his love for film in different ways, particularly as the Head of Partnerships for Cutaway Productions, a company that creates ads, social media content, and full-length features for a broad clientele.

The future is looking bright for the actor. His performing expertise is apparent in his works. In the age when everyone wants to be famous in a flash, Andrew is one of the few creatives who put in the hard work for their art. He hopes to land more challenging roles; maybe a gruesome murderer, a swindler on a mission, or a goofy character. But one thing is sure, Andrew Ramsay's name is here to stay.

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