Thursday, June 16, 2022

Explore a match with up and rising musician Joel Corry on Tinder!

 Tinder collaborates with Warner Music to feature Joel Corry in exclusive members-only content for South East Asia

Tinder collaborates with Warner Music to feature Joel Corry, an up and rising dance music star, in exclusive members-only content within the app.


From 20 to 26 June, Swipe Cards featuring the British DJ and producer will appear in between Tinder members' stack of potential matches. Tinder members in South  East Asia will be able to use the Swipe Right feature in-app to unlock exclusive videos featuring Corry.


Music is one of the top interests among Gen Z and millennial Tinder members. From the Music Mode feature that allows Tinder members to set their Anthem to Music Lovers as one of the interests on Tinder’s Explore, the world’s most popular dating app has been exploring interactive ways to give its members a new in-app musical experience that expresses their vibes and personalities, and amplifies their need for human connection.


The collaboration is expected to heat up Tinder members’ music mode as the hitmaker of the 2020 UK #1 single and global smash ‘Head & Heart’ is set to showcase new and exclusive content of his latest anthemic dance-pop masterpiece, “What Would You Do?”. The music video of his latest single was released in March this year and has since earned over five million views on YouTube. The song has amassed over 64.8 streams globally and has shown no signs of stopping.



In addition to the members-only content, Tinder  exclusively chatted with Corry on things outside music. Read on below to get a glimpse at his thoughts on dating, his favourite cities to use Tinder’s Passport feature in, his ideal perfect date night, and more.


What Would You Do?” is available on major streaming platforms and Tinder members can now add Corry’s tropically-flaired EDM as their anthem.



Tinder’s exclusive chat with Joel Corry


Tinder   : If you had to give your young fans one piece of dating advice what would that be?

JC            : When you meet their parents make sure you are very polite to them. You need their mum and dad to like you!


Tinder   : What are your favourite icebreaker phrases to start a conversation when you are meeting a date/ or even any new friend?

JC            : ‘Are you a parking ticket? Because you’re looking fine.’

‘Do you live at the museum? Because you’re a work of art.’

‘Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.’


Tinder   : What would be one line from any of your own songs that you would use in your bio on Tinder?

JC            :

‘I got a bed but I would rather be in yours tonight’

‘What would you do if I told you I loved you?’

‘But my heart goes…’


Tinder   : What are the great qualities you see in the young generation of today?

JC            : Awareness of different cultures and diversity. Excellent skills with new technology.

Being open about mental health


Tinder   : What city would you choose if you were on Tinder and could use the Passport feature to go anywhere in the world!

JC            : Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, and Miami


Tinder   : What are the top interests you would list in your bio on Tinder apart from music?

JC            : Fitness, Football, Travelling, Food, Movies


Tinder   : What was your favourite lockdown activity when you could not go anywhere?

JC            :  Making protein pancakes recipes with my sister and gardening with my dad.


Tinder   : Where would you go for a first date/ first meeting with someone new?

JC            : I would take my date to a nice sushi restaurant and then for drinks after. The perfect date night!


Tinder   : Complete this sentence. Tinder is…

JC            : Tinder is a great way to meet new people, have fun and maybe meet the love of your life!

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