Thursday, May 26, 2022

Jace Roque signs with Ditto Music Philippines, releases comeback singles “Di Para Sayo” and “Be Someone” With P-Pop Flavor


Top EDM artist and Showbiz Royalty, Jace Roque has been making waves in the independent music scene since 2019. He has been releasing a string of hit songs even without the backing of a major record label or management company.


Jace has made it a point to make his own mark in the industry as he is related to OPM icons Gino Padilla and Luke Mejares. He is also the nephew of the late well known Action Kontrabida, Boy Roque.


After gaining 3 consecutive hit singles with his former international label, AWAL (a Sony Music Entertainment subsidiary), Jace signs with Philippine based International label, Ditto Music Philippines.


Ditto Music is one of the world’s largest distribution companies and record labels for independent artists. Artists who have used its services in the past include Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Chance The Rapper. The Philippine office is headed by Jinno Mina, who is also the label's SEA Regional Manager. Mina offered Jace a music deal back in 2020 before the pandemic has struck the world; in April 2022, Jace finally signed with the label.


For his showbiz comeback, Jace rebranded himself as a PPop soloist along with the announcement of his highly anticipated mini album, Inferno. He released his Tagalog comeback single, “Di Para Sayo” on April 22 and his English comeback single “Be Someone” on May 20. Be Someone” debuted at no. 25 on iTunes Philippines and is featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Philippines.                           


’Di Para Sayo’ is my first full Tagalog single. I recorded it specifically to contribute to the ever growing P-Pop scene. Lyrically, the song is about my journey to realizing my worth. Recently, I fell madly in love with someone. I literally poured everything I had into that relationship. Eventually, I realized that the person I gave my heart and soul to wasn’t worth it.” Jace says.


"’Be Someone’ is about my struggle to preserve my own identity while combating the unrealistic expectations from my family, friends and the entertainment industry. I tackle the negative impact of being controlled and breaking free from one's ideology of how I should be.” Jace Says.


His rebranding from Top EDM artist to PPop soloist is no surprise. Ever since he started his music career, his goal has always been to contribute and help lift Filipino music to greater heights. With the rise of PPop, Jace aims to soar higher than ever before.


“Artists have to reinvent themselves in order to grow. Changing my look with every new release is normal for me. Because I went on a hiatus and I’ve been away from the limelight for more than a year, the changes I made for this new era may come off as drastic. But actually, they’re not. This is where I’ve always been headed, towards a more edgy and mature persona.”


Jace has big plans for 2022 as he is expected to drop his mini album before the year ends. He’s happy that his supporters are excited for his comeback, and he’s truly grateful for their support. “My goal now is to take my power back. I’m going full steam ahead with my career, and I’m not doing it for other people. I’m doing it for myself.”

About Jace Roque:

Singer-songwriter Jace Roque comes from a showbiz clan. He inherited his musical ability from OPM stars Gino Padilla and Luke Mejares. Iconic Action Kontrabida Boy Roque is Jace’s uncle. He also studied acting and went on to do commercials, films, and TV shows. In 2017, Jace was cast in the award-winning movie Across the Crescent Moon, and he has since earned a string of hit singles and millions of views.


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