Thursday, January 27, 2022

Listen To The Knobs’ Remarkable Mashup Of Their Own Songs!

 Comfortable in their own brand of slow pop-rock love songs, rising OPM band The Knobs is once again ready to wow their listeners with the release of an endearing mashup of their own original songs.

The absence of live events and gigs because of the ongoing pandemic paved the way for the band to work on their convenient time to make a mashup that’s downright splendid and will sound in the very best way.

The rock quintet composed of Jayr Corre (Vocals/ Bass), Raffy Corre (Rhythm Guitar), and Marco Corre (Drums/ Backing Vocals), Emman Lopez (Lead Guitar) and Sky Cepe on (Keyboards) are about to show off their serious musicality anew with “Walang Kapantay/Liwanag/Wala Na/Paglisan Mash Up”, out now under Universal Records.

Time and time again they’ve proven themselves notorious for crafting really moving love songs, making this 10-minute mashup a great advanced Valentine’s Day treat for their followers. The perfect balance of sweetness and gloom makes it a unique listening experience and will make you appreciate each and every song released by the band since becoming a part of UR’s artist roster in 2020. Don’t get left behind and check out its official lyric video HERE.

The “Walang Kapantay/Liwanag/Wala Na/Paglisan Mash Up” by The Knobs is featured in Spotify’s New Music Friday Philippines this week and is now out on your favorite music streaming platforms. 

Stream “Walang Kapantat/Liwanag/Wala Na/Paglisan Mash Up”:

Spotify | | Lyric Video Audio Clip

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