Wednesday, December 22, 2021

realme Unveiled the Appearance of the Most Premium Flagship Smartphone - GT 2 SERIES with the Sustainable Paper Tech Master Design


realme, the fastest-growing smartphone brand unveiled the appearance of its new product - realme GT 2 SERIES. Co-designed with Naoto Fukusawa, inspired by paper, realme GT 2 Pro comes the world-first smartphone with bio-based polymer design. 


This time around realme design studio has once again team up with Naoto Fukasawa to bring forth Paper Tech Master design for a sustainable product design with “The Future in Paper” as the core design inspiration, which is the perfect combination of Art and the Respect, Love and Reverence of the Great Environment. 


Starting from realme 1, “Power Meets Style” has been there in realme’s blood and act as realme’s founding product philosophy. Therefore when it comes to product, Performance & Design are considered as two pillars of realme’s product. It is the priority that realme products follows to provide the leap forward experience to global users.  


As the most premium flagship ever by realme, realme GT 2 Pro come with the special Paper Tech Master Design. Paper is premium, neat and light. Naoto Fukasawa use the element of the paper texture on realme GT 2 SERIES, bring the Beauty of the paper to the mobile.  


realme believes materials can break design boundaries in all direction. Distinctive product design is essential for all realme products, but the environment will not be sacrificed in its name. This is where realme thinks style and sustainability doesn’t need to be mutually exclusive. realme believes in the harmony between environment and technology.  


realme GT 2 SERIES will be launched soon. Stay tuned. 

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