Sunday, December 26, 2021

5 Times That BeaLloyd Proves Unparalleled Spark in One True Pair The Movie

Jollibee Studios' ONE TRUE PAIR THE MOVIE is undoubtedly a big hit in YouTube—amassing more than 5 million views in just two weeks.

The reunion project of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo premiered last December 1, once again proving the box-office draw of this iconic loveteam.

Here are the 5 main reasons that BeaLloyd has once again proved that their unparalleled spark kept the viewers glued on the beautiful love story of One True Pair.

1. Their chemistry is not "pilit" and we'll never get tired watching them in love-"tampo" scenes.

One True Pair The Movie centers around two actors, Ian (John Lloyd Cruz) and Gela (Bea Alonzo) who are also playing the role of 2 fictional celebrities who about to go on a reunion project, but had initial doubts if they still have the chemistry that spark their fans’ interests.

As they discussed their upcoming project, BeaLloyd walks us through Gela and Ian’s journey as a loveteam—giving us a slice of the realities behind the scenes which we are not aware of.

2. They convey heartfelt messages without being overly dramatic.

BeaLloyd simply knows how to communicate their emotions in a subtle but heart-piercing way. When John Lloyd uttered, "Na-miss kita" it hit me as I really missed watching them together.

3. They act in sync with the environment surrounding them.

Ben & Ben and Moira's Pasalubong as its theme song was so perfect in setting up the mood for the scenes. The beautiful cinematography complimented their reactions as we were engrossed with their conversations.

4. We grew maturely with them and we can relate.

In any point of this film, there's one or two that we can really identify ourselves with. "Ako yun eh or Parang ganyan din ako." And it is what we love about them! They have become our confidant or our voice for those pent-up emotions.

5. They can make us cry without noticing it.

Yes up to the last minute, I can still see myself crying. I felt nostalgic, relieved and empowered. That's the unexplainable
power of their loveteam which makes them iconic.

This is definitely worthy of your 36 minutes and I won't blame if you rewatch this again.

Great job director JP Habac, BeaLloyd and of course, Jollibee.

Overall Rating: 10/10
Rewatch Value: 10/10

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