Monday, November 8, 2021

Sharing the Secrets to #SlayInSleeveless: A Guide by Rexona and Lyn Alumno

In partnership with the MEGA Beauty Con, the Rexona Fashion Styling Bootcamp helped women take their personal styles to the next level.

When it comes to fashion, it’s all about confidence. However, for some women, insecurities surrounding dark underarms can keep them from fully showing off their sense of style – taking away the confidence to wear relaxed, sleeveless clothes. 

To empower every woman with the confidence to #SlayInSleeveless outfits whenever and wherever, Rexona, the #1 deo brand, offers its new Advanced Brightening + Anti-Stain deodorant to help women show off smooth, bright underarms without worrying about sweat and odor. In line with helping women confidently express themselves through their clothing, Rexona, in partnership with the MEGA Beauty Con, invited women to join #SlayInSleeveless At Home: The Rexona Fashion Styling Bootcamp.

The event was held online as a masterclass in styling led by stylist and fashion editor Lyn Alumno. Fashion bloggers Bella Racelis, Ry Velasco, Bea Marin, Jaz Advincula, Bianca Gan, and more content creators and influencers joined her on the panel. During the camp, Lyn and the panel tackled a wide range of fashion topics and shared tips on how any woman can embrace a more fashion-forward mindset – empowering them to stay stylish despite lockdowns keeping them at home. 

The event also featured lessons in styling led by Lyn Alumno herself. During the session, panelists and attendees alike were taken through Lyn’s styling process – from outfit inspiration, trends, accessorizing, and learning contemporary fashion do’s and don’ts along the way. After the session, the panel opened a Q&A session where Lyn answered questions and dished out more styling advice – ultimately admitting that confidence is essential in pulling off any sleeveless outfit. 

To give more women the boost of confidence they need to #SlayInSleeveless, the event also launched the new Rexona Advanced Brightening + Anti-Stain deodorant. It features a formulation with Vitamins C, E, F, and lemon extract combined to naturally brighten underarms and regenerate skins while keeping clothes protected from stains – helping women enjoy the all-day freshness and the confidence to move without limits.

Missed the event? Catch up the whole segment of #SlayInSleeveless At Home: The Rexona Fashion Styling Bootcamp on Mega Magazine’s FB page! For more details on the newest product, check out Rexona on Facebook and Instagram. Get the new Advanced Brightening + Anti-Stain deo in all major supermarkets and e-tailers!

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