Friday, November 5, 2021

Melizza "Lovers Club"

Melizza releases her latest single entitled “Lovers Club” under Warner Music Philippines


“Lovers Club” is the third release of Melizza and is a breath of fresh air with a new take in her dreamy pop vocals, melodic punch, and indie-influenced production. This track talks about the "push and pulls" of love. Melizza expresses her notion of love by warning her listeners about the pain that comes along with the ethereal feeling of love. It's a metaphor by using an imaginary club and how everyone will eventually join this club once they fell in love. “Lovers Club”, along with its upbeat light mood, truly embodies the rollercoaster ride of falling in love. Melizza hopes her listeners find comfort while listening to the song.


 is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter and a tv personality in the Philippines also known fully as Melizza Jimenez. She has starred in several local television and film projects. Her first release with Warner Music Philippines, “Killer Boy” is an anthem for all the hearts that have been played with and has surpassed 100,000 streams on Spotify and has been a part of over 1000 playlists worldwide including Pinoy Indie MixOPM RisingH&M in Store Music, to name a few. It also got featured in almost 1000 videos on Tiktok, garnering over 2 million views. 


Melizza started out as an independent artist on her April 2020 release entitled “Always” – a song she wrote that embodies her dreamy indie-pop voice. The independently-launched track has also reached over 150,000 streams on Spotify.


It has been a dream come true for Melizza as music is her soul manifested into a passion and now she is happily collaborating with Warner Music Philippines on current efforts. To put out her soul into the world is a great honor for her. With complete gratitude, Melizza believes she would extend the reach of her art of music and even create a more significant wave in the local music scene.

This will be Melizza's second release exclusively distributed under Warner Music Philippines.

"Lovers Club"

Performed by: Melizza
Written by: Melizza Tanpoco
Produced by: Kindred Productions, Cavill, Melizza Tanpoco
Composers: Melizza Jaune R. Tanpoco

Genre: Pop, Indie, Electronic, OPM

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