Monday, September 6, 2021

Home Suite latest innovation, Crest Loft Bed!

The Crest Loft Bed from Home Suite was designed to be a major component of this new normal where the home now needs to function efficiently as an office and classroom while remaining to be a cozy and comfortable abode for all members of the family.

It is a full solution that combines robust design & functionality while still maintaining good distinctions within the working area. In terms of smart space programming, the Crest Loft Bed with its ample height can accommodate a practical work, study space or casual lounge area under the bed, thereby maximizing the space underneath. 

The Crest Loft Bed is made of quality metal steel frames with superb craftmanship that provide smooth stability. Its powder coated finish adds a layer of protection that can easily be cleaned while still being corrosion & chip-resistant. It is furnished with sturdy and easy to clean work top & shelving, clothed with a washable & a durable pouch that can hold gadgets.  The Crest Loft bed accommodates a standard  mattress, giving the user the perfect amount of space for comfortable rest that’s tucked away from the dedicated space. These combined effectively allow clear distinctions between your work and personal space, giving you that ideal home-based lifestyle that you well deserve.

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