Monday, May 3, 2021


 Children are invited to “Play ‘N Learn” via the Just Love Kids virtual workshops


Keep the children busy this summer by allowing them to hone their talents, learn new skills, and imbibe good habits through the Just Love Kids’ “Play ‘N Learn Online Workshops” and value-laden series “Marco,” “Masha and the Bear,” and “PJ Masks” airing on A2Z this May.


“Marco” is a series about an Italian boy whose mother has to go to Argentina to support her family. After his mother informs the family that she is sick, her letters stop coming and so Marco decides to go to Argentina to look for her and encounters many adventures along the way.   


Young viewers will also enjoy “Masha and the Bear,” which tells the story of a Russian girl named Masha who is kind yet mischievous, and lives in the forest with her pet pig, goat, and dog. She meets a kind-hearted bear who tries to keep her out of trouble but often ends up the accidental victim of her mischief.


Heroic acts shine in the series “PJ Masks” where little kids Amaya, Greg, and Connor become the superhero team composed of Owlette, Gekko, and Catboy at night to fight enemies and keep them from ruining people’s day.


Meanwhile, “Team YeY” will lead the “Play ‘N Learn Online Workshops” easily accessible via the Just Love Kids website. Kids can watch and develop their skills in dancing, singing, storytelling, and arts and crafts and learn about cooking, fitness, and sports through various online classes. 


The summer workshops will also be streamed on Just Love Kids’ Facebook page and will also be shown on YeY Channel on Facebook and YouTube.


Catch “Marco” Mondays thru Friday at 4:30 pm, Masha and the Bear” every Saturday at 8 am followed by “PJ Masks” at 8:30 am starting May 8 on A2Z. 


Now on season 5, the hit children’s show “Team YeY” also continues to air on A2Z every weekend at 9 am. 


Have loads of fun and learning this summer, visit Just Love Kids at justlovekids.abs-cbn.comFor more details, like @JustLoveKidsPH on Facebook. 

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