Monday, May 3, 2021


 Coffee home brewing 101 on “Feel at Home with Chef Gene’s” 1st episode

Renowned chef and entrepreneur Gene Gonzalez takes his decades-long culinary wisdom online through his upcoming digital show “Feel at Home with Chef Gene” on FYE Channel via the kumu app beginning May 7 (Friday) at 9 pm.


The founder of Center for Asian Culinary Studies and one of Manila’s finest restaurant Café Ysabel said the show seeks to provide answers for people’s unanswered cooking queries due to their fear of being tagged as ‘naïve’ or ‘ignorant’ in the kitchen.


“’Feel at Home’ is not exactly cooking tutorials, it’s how items at home or regular items from the supermarket or online shopping can be an enhanced experience,” Chef Gene explained.


Coffee lovers will surely appreciate the first two episodes of “Feel at Home with Chef Gene” as he will spill the specifics on how to brew extraordinary cups of coffee to jazz up days spent at home.


Future episodes of the show will also shed light on an unpopular drink of choice such as sweet wine, cooking hacks, foraging, and mushroom culture.


In addition, Kumunizens can also look forward to weekly prizes that Chef Gene will be giving, such as coffee, Moka Pot, and other Kitchen Pro items.


Meanwhile, Chef Gene’s book “The Kitchen Scoundrel: The Adventures and Misadventures of a Chef” is a must-have for those who are looking to take their cooking journey to the next level with the help of an honest but helpful guide.


The ABS-CBN Books publication offers a candid narrative of culinary life through real-life amusing and disastrous situations that negate the celebrity facet linked to chefs. Every essay also comes with a recipe that is directly and indirectly related to the subject discussed.


Enrich your gastronomic knowledge by tuning in to “Feel at Home with Chef Gene” on May 7 (Friday), 9PM at the FYE Channel (@fyechannel) on kumu, and order your copy of “The Kitchen Scoundrel: The Adventures and Misadventures of a Chef” book online via Lazada and Shopee while the e-book version is available on Amazon.


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