Monday, February 22, 2021


Learn about artificial intelligence, digital natives, and the gig economy

Businessman, angel investor, and highly sought-after keynote speaker Maulik Parekh addresses the three powerful trends artificial intelligence, digital natives, and the gig economy in his launching book “Futureproof Your Career and Company,” distributed by ABS-CBN Books.


Laden with stimulating anecdotes and remarkable stories told in the tone of a storyteller, the page-turning read offers actionable insights and proven steps on how companies and workers can stay afloat, ahead of the curve, and flourish in the future.


Maulik—who was also an award-winning CEO of global companies like Inspiro and SPi Global—said he wrote the Amazon #1 Best Seller book because he wanted to shed light on the aforesaid long-term trends that will continue to gain momentum and speed moving forward.


“The reason I thought AI, digital natives, and the gig economy are the most important forces at play is because they are all born out of the digital revolution,” he explained in an interview on ANC.


“If you look at the trend of the digital revolution, it’s about to peak in the next 10 years, so if you’re a business leader, what’s the weather forecast for your business? It’s a perfect storm because all of these things are all going to happen at the same time and you need to be prepared for it,” he added.


“Futureproof Your Career and Company” delves into these trends in its first section, where Maulik explains their power, why they should be paid attention to, and how they will impact careers and companies in the next decade.


In its second part, the author lists down five ways on how one can future-proof his career by thriving in the era of AI, setting apart oneself from others, transforming from ordinary to extraordinary, navigating through turbulent times ahead, and predicting and preparing for the future.


Meanwhile, the last section focuses on future-proofing a company by becoming a digital venture, infusing purpose to guide the business, innovating to be a disruptor, inspiring learning to groom tomorrow’s workforce, and enjoying expedition by engaging employees.


Along with the book, Maulik has also launched the “Book to the Future” advocacy, which commits 10% of the book’s profit to provide street children with basic education, in partnership with Manila-based Dynamic Teen Company and Kolkata-based Hope Foundation.


Learn how to flourish in the face of digital revolution and check out Maulik’s “Futureproof Your Career and Company,” available now in select bookstores nationwide for P595. For more details, follow ABS-CBN Books on Facebook ( and Instagram (@abscbnbooks). 

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