Tuesday, February 2, 2021


Many OPM singers have established a unique mark in the history of Himig songwriting competition, in part because of the timeless hits that they have brought to life but also due to their distinct artistry that resonated with a lot of listeners.


Now on its 11th edition, find out the reasons why previous interpreters like KZ Tandigan, Sam Mangubat, and Juris decided to return to the contest:


1. To show support for talented songwriters


Having previously breathed life to perhaps one of the most iconic Himig songs in recent years “Mahal Ko O Mahal Ako,” KZ—who interpreted Danielle Balagtas’ “Marupok”—said she felt especially happy, honored, and thankful to be part of Himig’s 11th edition that still pushed through despite the pandemic. 


The Asia’s Soul Supreme also emphasized the importance of showing support for the composers. “This is more of a competition for the songwriters. Our main purpose is not to compete with one another but to make the song shine through our interpretations and performances. The songs have different stories, arrangements, and approaches,” she said. 


2. To bring inspiration 


A self-professed nervous and anxious person, former “Tawag Ng Tanghalan” finalist Sam wanted to move away from competitions, so he was initially hesitant to be the interpreter of Daryl Cielo’s power ballad “Kulang Ang Mundo.”    


But hearing the song’s demo on the get-go changed his mind. “From the intro and first verse, I really told myself this is something that I actually wanted to sing. This song will really give you inspiration, it’s full of love, and I think it’s perfect because I’m up for anything inspirational,” Sam disclosed. 


3. To celebrate OPM 


“Are you sure? This would be my fourth time to interpret so the listeners may already be fed up with me,” Juris remembered saying when ABS-CBN Music creative director Jonathan Manalo asked her to be back as an interpreter of Jabez Orara’s “Ika’y Babalik Pa Ba.” 


The Philippines’ queen of acoustic pop went on to join since she liked the song about the misery of wondering whether a past lover will return. “It’s still exciting to be part of a project that celebrates OPM especially that it’s what we need right now in the middle of a pandemic,” she added.


Stream Juris’ “Ika’y Babalik Pa Ba,” Sam’s “Kulang Ang Mundo,” and KZ’s “Marupok” on various digital streaming platforms and watch its music videos on ABS-CBN Star Music’s YouTube channel. For more details, follow https://www.facebook.com/Himig2020 on Facebook.

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