Thursday, February 4, 2021


 Trabahanap and Iba Yan join forces to help FIlipinos find jobs  


Angel Locsin journeys to the city of Baguio to get viewers acquainted with the city’s heroes during the pandemic this Sunday in "Iba Yan." 


Using the Baguio Soligmay Creative Jeepney, Angel tours the Summer Capital of the Philippines with the help of Grail Lomas-E, a tour guide who was affected by the pandemic but found a way to continue her job by doing 'virtual guiding.' 


Viewers will get to hear heartwarming stories of hope and resilience among Baguio citizens who struggled as the pandemic greatly reduced their sources of income like Wright Park pony boy Licoy, the strawberry taho vendor Arnel, and working student JM—.  


More than just featuring their stories, “Iba ‘Yan” continues to help Filipinos by providing them the assistance that would help them survive. Starting last month, the show partnered with Trabahanap to help more Filipinos find jobs. Every week, Angel announces the vacancies available on the Trabahanap website.   


Kapamilyas can watch "Iba Yan" every Sunday 6:30 PM on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live and 7:30 PM on A2Z Channel. 


Follow “Iba Yan!” on social media on,, and You can also join its Facebook Community Group on 


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