Friday, December 25, 2020

Movie Review: "THE MISSING"

"The Missing" has the elements of a slow-build tension that popular Japanese horror movies along with its scary characters in white with black spots on the face are known for. The Pinoy horror experience is still there with the shocker scenes that we love from Regal Entertainment's scary movies.

The psychological torment and dread is also present which the actors have displayed nicely in the film. Ritz Azul has been consistent throughout the film that she sincerely knows the direction of her character. I applaud her performance in the bridge when she found out what happened to her sibling. She shared good chemistry with Joseph Marco who somehow made me confuse whether he's an ally or not to Ritz' character. Nice choices of nuances. Miles was a dependable support with a remarkable scene in the basement (must watch!) 

There are a lot of jumpscares but the build up towards the ending along with its good cinematography made the experience more gruesome. Director Easy Ferrer was able to create an eerie atmosphere that's bearable to watch with both eyes open. 

However, the slow pacing of horror in the movie may not be appealing to hardcore horror fans who wishes to experience a jumpscare one after another. The reveal towards the end may not that be a big deal as I was expecting it already but the tension built was enough to keep me still hooked on the film.

Rating: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Watch the trailer of "The Missing."

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