Thursday, December 24, 2020

Maris, Sanya, and Zanjoe on what they look forward to beyond the "Bahaghari"

Another MMFF 2020 film entry that I look forward to watch is Joel Lamangan's "Isa Pang Bahaghari." Not solely because I can relate to it but the ensemble of actors cast in the film excites me and can't wait how they will display their acting powers collaboratively.

I got the chance to have a chat with the stars of the film Maris Racal, Sanya Lopez and Zanjoe Marudo. They shared to me their experience and how grateful they are that they got the chance to act alongside with veteran actors Philip Salvador, Michael de Mesa and Ms Nora Aunor.

Like Ms Nora, Maris wishes to have iconic movies that will really prove her acting capabilities. She can see herself as an actress as her lifetime career already. By portraying the young Nora, she sought the help of director Joel and studied her past movies as to how she delivered her lines. It's of great help though that her character is part of the past and that it's not yet scarred but tamed.

Sanya, exhibited a daring scene in the movie dancing in two-piece in a bar. She got her confidence in doing such by embracing the role fully and of course with the help of her director. She shared that before the scene is being taken, she always ensures that she's well prepared in terms of how she understands her character especially that she's sharing it with award-winning actors. Ms Nora even told her that "gusto ko tong batang to at gusto ko siyang maging Super G."

Zanjoe emphasizes that both characters of Philip and Michael are noteworthy and that he would love portraying both if given the chance. He loved the character of Michael de Mesa as a martyr freind. He's fond seeing him on scenes where he doesn't have speaking lines but his eyes show a range of emotions. By working alongside with veteran actors, he admires their passion on acting and that he did not witness any inch of being lazy. By simply reacting to them, he's assured that what he's doing is right already.

Reflecting on 2020, what do they wanted to see beyond the "bahaghari?"

Maris wishes for the pandemic to end already. Sanya hopes that the cure will be found soon. Zanjoe is looking for everyone to just embrace the "bayanihan spirit."

"Isa Pang Bahaghari" is a story about a former policeman (Philip) who wanted to reconcile with his family (Nora and children Sanya, Zanjoe and Marco) with the help of his gay bestfriend (Michael). 

Watch the trailer of "Isa Pang Bahaghari." The film opens on Christmas day as part of the MMFF 2020 and can be watched via

Here's the full clip of my interview with them.

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