Friday, December 18, 2020

Learn and laugh with social media sensation Mimiyuuuh as Pru Life UK premieres PRUWise Events

Leading life insurer Pru Life UK will cast for the first time a live stream of PRUWise Events, an initiative under PRUWise, the company’s flagship financial literacy program, as it presents #WiserMimiyuuuh: A FUN-ancial Journey to Adulting! with social media sensation Mimiyuuuh on December 18 (Friday), 7 PM, via Zoom.


With this webinar, Pru Life UK continues to champion education in life insurance, investments, finance, and economics, as part of its “We Do Wealth” advocacy.


Attendees are in for a fun night of learning on how to prioritize their finances, assess their financial risk profiles, and jumpstart their wealth goals.


This free, public virtual event will also introduce Mimiyuuuh as the new PULSE Wealth Smarts community member. Users of Pulse, Pru Life UK’s health and wealth app, will get the chance to join Mimiyuuuh within the PULSE Wealth Smarts Community, where they will be able to share budget hacks and wise investment guides, get updated about the economy, or simply help each other better understand money matters and how financial literacy can help fulfill one’s life aspirations.


Interested attendees may join and register for free through this link.


Download the Pulse app for free on Google Play and Apple App Store. For more information, visit or the Pru Life UK Facebook page at

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