Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Here are some awesome party ideas for your virtual celebration


If there’s one thing I really look forward to during the Holiday season, it’s the Holiday get-togethers where I could dress up to the nines and enjoy a fun night with my friends. Unfortunately, we’re confronted with a not so appealing idea that such parties are banned for now (for our safety, of course) and that we can only meet with our friends virtually. 

I’m not new into attending virtual parties courtesy of the PRs and brands that invited me. I enjoy decorating my background  and dressing up based on party themes. I also love the party booze that they’re sending at home to level up the party experience.

If you’re tired with the standard virtual party set-ups, maybe you can check out some ideas I came up based on the experiences I had.

1. Arrange more than one virtual party rooms. Give them problems with clues to solve that will lead them to the meeting passcode to which the type of party room they will be able to attend. After an hour, you can have them switch places from the other room so they can also enjoy the experience you had.

For this execution, it is important to ensure that you and your guests have a stable internet connection. Make sure your party experience is seamless by purchase prepaid load or data packages from your PayMaya app. Not only is this easy and convenient, it’s also way cheaper as these products are discounted on the PayMaya app. 

2. Surprise the attendees with a celebrity greeting or maybe a performance or a quick chat. I can only imagine the giggles coming from the attendees.

3. Arrange special deliveries like having someone in Santa Claus costume deliver your booze or maybe depending on the party theme, the delivery man will be dressed as such accordingly. 

For a hassle-free transaction, order these food and drinks in advance online and pay using cashless methods like PayMaya. The most convenient option for me is to pay using my PayMaya mobile number at the websites of restaurants like Army Navy, Zubuchon, 8Cuts, Ooma, and many more! Apart from the convenience, users will also get up to 100% cashback of up to P500 for their online transaction. Awesome, right? 

To add to this, everytime you #ScanToPay via PayMaya QR, Pay with your PayMaya mobile number online, or purchase items at the PayMaya in-app shop, you get to earn a raffle entry at PayMayas PayMayaguinaldo raffle promo for a chance to win up to P1,000,000 until January 10, 2021!

Enjoy the virtual parties and keep safe!

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