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 Lessons on self-love from the iWantTFC original series


If you’ve ever reached a point in your life where you feel empty and unhappy and surrounded by people who make you feel worthless, then you will definitely learn a thing or two about self-love from the iWantTFC original series “Loving Emily.”


“Loving Emily” finds Emily (Iza Calzado) struggling with a midlife crisis and lack of self-fulfillment as she struggles to free herself from an unhappy marriage triggered by her husband’s (Epy Quizon) affair.


However, the story doesn’t dwell on Emily trying to endure her miserable life but instead, she does the complete opposite. After falling in love with a young man named Vince (Jameson Blake), Emily learns to have a ‘no regrets’ mindset and to live life to the fullest. While the series in no way glamorizes infidelity, it imparts the importance of taking a leap of faith and taking risks in order to find what truly makes us happy.


Here are some of the lessons we can all learn from the journey of Iza’s character:


1.    Know your worth

Some people struggle with putting their needs above everyone else’s, and that’s exactly what Emily has been accustomed to doing for her family. After having been away from her husband and kids, she decides to finally go home… until she finds out that they have other plans without her. It is in this moment that she knows it is time to put herself first by deciding for herself and by making the choices that she’s comfortable with.


2.     Choose to rise above your fears

Emily had a lot of regrets early on in life. And so, when she meets Vince, she tells him to live the life he’s always dreamed of having and to not care about what other people think. Her conversation with Vince leads her to do the same for her own life - to not dwell on what’s already done and instead maximize opportunities. 


3.    Live in the moment and jump into the unknown


“Loving Emily” is packed with metaphors about letting go of your fears and reservations. Even if it is terrifying, you have to be brave enough to face new challenges because this is the only way you will be able to learn. Emily’s relationship with Vince was full of uncertainty but she became a better person because she realized that she can be herself without other people dictating who she needed to be. By trying new activities, she learned to appreciate the little things that she used to take for granted.


4. Surround yourself with people who lift you up

A lot of Emily’s unhappiness is caused by her family making her feel invisible. All she’s wanted is someone she could talk to and is willing to listen to her. After being straightforward with Vince, she is finally able to pour her heart out and talk about the things that have always been troubling her without being afraid of being judged. 



5.         Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

With Emily standing up for herself, she learned to have the strength to decide on her own, no matter what the consequence may be. Emily learned that making mistakes is part of life but what’s more important is that she learns from them so that she could be a stronger person.



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