Thursday, October 22, 2020


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A woman in her eighties who was abused and enslaved for decades by her employers in America takes the spotlight in the newest masterpiece from ABS-CBN DocuCentral titled “Fedelina: A Stolen Life.”


Get to know Filipina Fedelina Lugasan, a victim of human trafficking, who will tell the story of how she was brought to America for forced labor until fellow Filipinos and authorities learned about her situation and moved to save her.


Catch the documentary shot in the United States of America and the Philippines this Sunday (October 25) on Kapamilya Online Live at 10 pm and on Kapamilya Channel at 10:45 pm. It will also be shown on iWantTFC at 11:45 pm.


Human trafficking has gone on for many decades, and while significant steps have been taken to combat this serious crime and stop the injustice, thousands still fall victim to this form of exploitation. One of them was Fedelina, who lost contact with her family in the Philippines for more than four decades.


Fedelina suffered grief and fear amid the cruelty of her employers. There could still be many more Filipino victims of human trafficking out there, who continue to languish in silence for fear of their lives. The documentary aims to enlighten Filipinos about the reality of human trafficking. It also hopes to show other victims that there is a way to get out of their situation and inspire survivors that there is life after their suffering.


How was Fedelina rescued? Will she be able to reunite with her family back home? Follow her story in “Fedelina: A Stolen Life.” This is the latest documentary from ABS-CBN DocuCentral after big wins this year at the 2020 New York Festivals TV and Film Awards and 2020 U.S. International Film & Video Festival, where it won two and seven awards, respectively.


Catch it on Sunday (October 25) on Kapamilya Online Live at 10 pm, Kapamilya Channel at 10:45 pm, and iWantTFC at 11:45 pm. For updates, follow @ABSCBNPR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit

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