Thursday, September 17, 2020

Kyo and Royce Resolve Each Others Crisis in Quaranthings: The Series

The digital short film studio Ride or Die is set to release a web series starring Royce Cabrera and YouTube sensation Kyo Quijano this September 2020. This pandemic has forced us to hit pause, placing us within the confines or our own four walls, allowing us to see who we are deep inside without the worlds we create for ourselves on the outside. Quaranthings: The Series is the story of two people, in the midst of a shared existential crisis, when all they end up having is each other.

Mostly known for writing hit digital short films like Unspoken Rules, Bakit Ka Single? and Bakit Ka Nag-Stay?, Pancho Maniquis makes his directorial debut for the series. Teaming up with him as writer is best-selling author, as well as writer and director of the hit 2019 film Cuddle Weather Rod Marmol.

Quaranthings: The Series follows the friendship of two boys, and the love that will blossom between them while on community quarantine. During the lockdown, those who could, went home. All four housemates of JUDAH (Quijano) and ROCKY (Cabrera) did. To each other’s surprise, they who’ve never even had a real conversation were left behind. Now they’re left with nothing. The overachieving and competitive Judah can’t go to school, while the hardworking and street-smart breadwinner Rocky is left without his various odd jobs. Unable to do the things that give them meaning, can they survive being alone together?

After making waves in the 2019 Cinemalaya entry F#*@BOIS and appearing in the ABS-CBN primetime drama series A Soldier’s Heart, Royce Cabrera is set to play Rocky, the mysterious boarding house resident with a seemingly tough exterior. Playing opposite Cabrera is Kyo Quijano in his first lead role after a trending Omegle-based web series of his own creation called #TeamMhine and a much talked about cameo in the 2019 MMFF entry 3pol Trobol: Huli Ka Balbon.

Joining them are veteran actress and Philippine Cinema icon Gina Pareño, Jan Silverio and Karl Zarate. Pareño plays Judah’s grandmother who raised him and his siblings while his mother worked as a doctor overseas. The character is described to be kind and caring by nature, but also very traditional in her beliefs. Silverio plays the role of Glenn, Judah’s former fling who has always had romantic feelings for him. While Zarate plays the role of Judah’s loud and ever supportive best friend, aptly named Beshie.

Quaranthings: The Series is available on Ride or Die’s Facebook Page ( and YouTube Channel ( that premiered last September 5, 2020 at 10:00PM.

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