Tuesday, September 29, 2020

9 TikTok Videos to Give You All the Christmas Feels

 Can you believe that Christmas is less than 90 days away? You probably heard Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in our Hearts for the nth time already and still can’t get enough of it. The good news is, he’s already spreading the holiday cheer on TikTok with his account @mrjosemarichan

Check out how Mr. Chan waited for the “ber” months to finally come!


How many can relate to TikTok users Via Austria waking up to Mr. Chan’s Christmas classic?


Rockin’ to another holiday playlist staple, Aegis’ Christmas Bonus, is TikTok’s well-loved millennial tita Auntie Julie aka Macoy Dubs!


In Christmas balls and decorations, Joyce Glorioso dances to this Mariah Carey chart-topper:


Shoot! TikTok user Rayne Ramos shares a dreamy DIY Christmas photoshoot that everyone can cop with a camera, LED fairy lights, a sweatshirt and a dark background. Maybe now’s the time to update your TikTok profile photo with this cool trick:


Trivias and fun facts about Christmas are also on TikTok. Elgien Padohinog shares his knowledge on the origins of Christmas carols:


Meaningful tips from Fr. Fiel Pareja to prepare for the true reason of the season.


Architect Gian Borlongan teaches ninongs/ninangs (godparents) on how to create DIY Christmas cards!


She might be living now in LA but for TikTok creator Heart Defensor, her heart still remains in the Philippines. In this video, she shared how much she misses “ber” months in the country. 


Though expressed in different ways, Filipinos share the same enthusiasm towards the most wonderful season of the year. Spread love, joy and positivity this Christmas season. Share your early Christmas stories and moments on TikTok. Download TikTok today on your iOS and Android devices to get started.

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