Wednesday, June 24, 2020

First Impressions and Review of Tony Labrusca and JC Alcantara's starrer BL Series "Hello Stranger" Episode 1

It's evident that we have embraced already the BL trend with left and right announcement and teasers of upcoming Boys' Love series being produced. I have only watched one BL series that I made it to the end and it's Thailand's 2gether with Bright and Win as the lead stars. I even watched their global fanmeet last Saturday where it gathered a billion hearts from its viewers.

In today's video, I will be giving out my first impressions and sort of a review on the first episode of Black Sheep's BL series "Hello Stranger" starring Tony Labrusca and JC Alcantara under the direction of Petersen Vargas.

I'm giving a thumbs up for the team behind by casting not only swoon-worthy leads but are also good actors of their generation. Theirs was an unexpected but certainly a welcome team-up to keep my quarantine life more bearable. It seems to me that they have opposing personalities that adds up to the kilig awaiting to happen or just happened already in the first episode.

Though the first sequences appeared to be like the series is more of a drama one but the next scenes proved that this is a lighthearted romance series that's easy to watch. I felt that this is not a romcom except for the character of the teacher who made their partnership of Mico and Xavier possible. I laughed out loud though on her lines "top ka, top ka!" Weird though that they're having a conversation yet they're mic and video were off.

Since the setting is the lockdown period, I found some scenes a bit similar with Gameboys. 

Color wise, it's not bright that I normally expect from romance series. I felt awkward seeing the side and back angles of Mico. I don't know but it's just me. 

They also have a familiar story arc where one needs the other for something, an "enemy" turning to be your "lover" soon.

I love how Tony delivered his line "Baby ka pa pala eh." and how JC reacted. 

In the conversation of Tony and his babe, they love saying "Okay" though hahaha. 

How cute to see the logo colors of ABS-CBN on the pens of Mico. 

So far, I love how they add the sound effects as it gives me a vlog feels (but sometimes I felt that it's too much) and also that OST that they chose was fit for the series.

In terms of their acting, I'm eager to see how they will become more at ease together with lines delivered naturally.

The cliffhanger was kilig and enough to make me anticipate their upcoming episodes but not super excited levels. I'm not closing my doors though.

So there you go, that's just my two cents for the digital series "Hello Stranger." 

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