Thursday, May 14, 2020


Following the positive reception of listeners to “If You Had Asked Me To,” Queen of Acoustic Pop Juris paints the unmatched impact and unique encouragement of a mother in a person’s life in her touching ballad “A Mother’s Love.”

“A Mother’s Love” was released as one of the tracks in Juris’ “Here’s My Heart” album under Star Music which dropped last year, but has been re-highlighted in time for this month’s Mother’s Day celebration.

The track puts a spotlight on how a mother’s love and reassurance propels someone to achieve greater heights, and how that same love drives a person to always stay by their mother’s side.

The song was praised by netizens on YouTube for Juris’ flawless rendition and its affecting message.

“Such a beautiful song,” anne ja9 commented. “Ganda ng lyrics,” Charmae Llanasas added.

Meanwhile, Juris’ last release, a radio edit of the break-up song “If You Had Asked Me To,” also enjoyed favorable response from listeners.

It was included on Apple Music’s “Stream Local” campaign and was also featured on the streaming platform’s local and regional releases tab. On the other hand, Spotify displayed the song on its homepage and its “New Releases” section.

Juris is just one of the many versatile artists under ABS-CBN Music—a known home to many of the best OPM music of today from the country’s leading media and entertainment company, ABS-CBN.

Feel the unconditional love of your mother by listening to Juris’ “A Mother’s Love,” and embrace the pain of a love that could have been by streaming “If You Had Asked Me To” on various digital streaming platforms. For more details, like Star Music on Facebook at, and follow it on Twitter and Instagram @StarMusicPH.

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