Thursday, April 30, 2020


Catch JaDine , Vice-Anne, Kim-Dennis, JC and Arci in a movie marathon

The coming long weekend promises to deliver a roller-coaster movie experience on TV as hit movies from Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Kim Chiu and more stars you’ve missed hit KBO starting May 1. 

Making the viewer's labor day weekend happy is the tandem of Vice and Anne in the TV premiere of "The Mall, The Merrier." The phenomenal box office star and the national sweetheart play siblings, Moira and Morissette. After their parents die in a plane crash, a war begins as both of them want to be the sole owner of the mall.  

Catch Dennis Trillo in his award-winning performance in "One Great Love" as he plays Ian, Zyra’s (Kim) best friend, who is in love with her. See where their love story goes while Zyra tries to fix her complicated relationship with Carl (JC de Vera). 

Meanwhile, viewers can also watch Nadine as Joanne in "Never Not Love You," the movie that brought her multiple critical acclaim. The film follows the love story of Joanne, a young professional who works hard for her family in the province, and Gio (James), a carefree graphic designer and tattoo artist who still depends on his dad's funding. Their relationship was going strong until Gio accepted a work abroad. Watch if the couple can get the long distance relationship going. 

Another film to watch out for is the 2019 film of Andoy Ranay, “Open,” which tackles a couple who tried to enter an open relationship. Rome (Arci Muñoz) and Ethan (JC Santos) have been together for 14 years. However, as time passes by, Ethan becomes bored in the relationship and wants to add spice. He thought of the idea of going open which Rome agreed to in order to keep her man. Will an open relationship be a good idea? 

Aside from the four movies, KBO viewers can also watch  "Babe I Love You," "Sanggano, Sanggagao't Sanggwapo, "Wander Bra," and "Buy Now, Die Later." 

To watch these movies, subscribers can simply register using any prepaid or postpaid SIM. Just press the green / INFO button on your TVplus box remote to get your box ID and text KBO30 (date) <TVplus box ID> to 2366. You can also enjoy 4 weeks of KBO for Php 99 pesos only, save Php 21! Text KBO99 <TVplus box ID> to 2366.

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