Thursday, April 30, 2020


“Tale of Nokdu” brings action in gripping finale

ABS-CBN opens the month of May packed with surprises for Asianovela fans with the much-awaited return to television of the latest edition of the hit series “Meteor Garden” on Monday (May 4) and the action-filled finale of “Tale of Nokdu” this Friday (May 1). 

Relive the love story of Shancai and Daoming Si who fought for their love against the odds, with their friends and members of F4 Huaze Lei, Fang Meizuo, and Ximen Yan with the return of the worldwide hit series “Meteor Garden.”.

The 2018 remake of the popular Asianovela first aired on ABS-CBN last August 2018 and was warmly received by viewers as it recorded a national TV rating of 21.4% on its pilot episode, according to Kantar Media.

Meanwhile, expect more gripping revelations as “Tale of Nokdu” comes to its riveting finale now the king has finally discovered that Nokdu is his son who he tried to kill just to keep his throne. Despite the danger, Dong-Ju will stay by his lover’s side and make sure he is safe, though it means risking her own life.

Will Nokdu and Dong-Ju be able to fight for their love until the end?

Viewers can catch “Tale of Nokdu” before “100 Days To Heaven,” while “Meteor Garden” is set to air before “TV Patrol.”

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