Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Sam Milby and Yassi Pressman will leave no stone unturned as they peel away layers of clues to a dark secret that haunts their town in the iWant original series “The Tapes,” which drops on March 18 (Wednesday).

Set in the 90s, the six-part series follows Sonnyboy and Alice (Sam and Yassi), two cops living in a sleepy town where nothing really happens. They are rattled out of their routines when Sonnyboy receives a series of tapes sent to him anonymously. 

The tapes contain disturbing snippets of incidents related to a cold case – the talked-about disappearance of a local lass named Judy. Distrustful of their boss, Sonnyboy and Alice hide the new evidence and must skip standard procedures to find answers. 

However, the more tapes they watch and the more clues they find, the more unsettling Sonnyboy’s dreams become. Visions and unknown forces start to plague both Sonnyboy and Alice, making them question whether their hometown is haunted by mere secrets or by the supernatural.  

What is the truth behind Judy’s disappearance? What is the intention of the person who sent the tapes?

“The Tapes” is helmed by Bradley Liew, the Malaysian-born and Philippine-based director of the horror film “Motel Acacia,” which is now showing in cinemas and was first screened at the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival. In 2016, his first feature film “Singing in Graveyards” premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.

The cast of the iWant original series also includes Ricky Davao, Felix Rocco, Perry Dizon, Barbara Ruaro, and Brian Sy, with the special articipation of Cherie Gil.

Discover the truth behind “The Tapes,” on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or on iwant.ph for free starting March 18 (Wednesday). For updates, like www.facebook.com/iWant, follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial on Instagram, and subscribe to www.youtube.com/iWantPH.

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