Friday, January 17, 2020

RBX: 20 Years of Flavorful Commitment to Filipinos

Kathryn Bernardo is back home with RBX

2020 is shaping up to be a fortuitous year for Rice In A Box, or more popularly  known as RBX.

Synonymous with the portable, accessible and affordable quick-to-go meals,  RBX is celebrating its 20 years via a number of touchpoints that will resonate well  with the Filipino everyman.

While a lot of things has evolved in the Philippine landscape, RBX, led by one of  the country’s youngest and most successful entrepreneurs Lester Pimentel,  remains true to its commitment of food convenience, accessibility and  affordability to its consumers, which it will sustain in the years to come.

From its first branch in what used be the Masagana Mall in Pasay City, it is now a  sprawling business with 200 branches covering much of Mega Manila and key  cities in Luzon. The familiar, handy packaging becoming synonymous with the  Pinoy’s on-the-go lifestyle, whatever his life status may be.

“We are happy that RBX was embraced by our kababayans for two decades,  maybe because we understood the need to be the companion to every on-the-go  student, working professional, even families who do not have time to prepare  their meals the traditional way,” Lester shares. “As the y ears progressed we have  committed to provide quality, filling meals without hurting their wallets.”

With the use of locally-sourced premium rice, freshest ingredients, and bespoke  sauces exclsuively made by its long-time partner, Lee Kum Kee, RBX has  strengthen the belief of many Filipinos — that RICE IS LIFE!

“New upcoming variants and new branches are some of the things that we have  to watch out for on our 20th anniversary,” Lester shares. “We will be introducing  new flavors to be abreast with the current food trends without sacrificing the  quick, enjoyable experience that our customers have with every box. On the  other hand, we are expanding further to make sure that we become more and  more accessible to the busy Filipino.”

Part of the big celebration is the grand homecoming of Kathryn Bernardo, Rice in  a Box’s very first endorser. Kathryn has grown up from being a child star to a box-office queen and her star  is shining brighter than ever.

A lot of her dreams might have already came true but the reason for her  continued persistence remains: her family.

Like Kathryn, RBX has grown and led the way for many similar brands but its  promise to its customers, that serve as its family, has stayed the same: BUSOG KAHIT SINO, KAHIT SAAN.

“I am grateful that I have come home to my RBX,” Kathryn shares. “We grew up  literally together, we both came from humble beginnings. Somehow RBX and my  career are parallel, slowly but surely we have been able to build something, and  until now I am a fan of the brand, it’s something that complements my on-the-go  lifestyle.”

RBX, together with its partnership and parallelism with Kathryn, continue to live  on its 200 branches nationwide. Visit or follow @rbxriceinabox  on Instagram for updates.

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