Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Former PBB Otso housemates Lie Reposposa, Jem Macatuno, Shawntel Cruz and Kiara Takahashi are conquering new tasks as StarPOP’s newest artists, beginning with the launch of their respective digital singles “Sana Sana,” “Can’t Get Out” and “Reason Enough.”

StarPOP head Rox Santos hailed the four Starmates for their talent and said that even when they were still inside the PBB house, they were already seen as promising artists who could do projects under the youthful label.

Here are the three songs which were officially launched last Saturday (November 30) that you should most certainly add to your playlist:

1.    “Sana Sana” by Lie Reposposa

Bringing a new flavor to Angeline Quinto’s original song, Lie joked that she can relate to the track because someone she used to like now yearns for her attention. But in all seriousness, she said that being a recording artist is a dream come true for her. “I still can’t believe this is happening because I used to just dream about being on TV. Now I’ve been given this opportunity, you’ve all heard my song. I feel so blessed and happy.”

2.    “Can’t Get Out” by Jem Macatuno

Jem initially wrote his original composition in Tagalog while still inside Camp Star Hunt before it was translated by his co-Star Dreamer Ashley in English. The young singer-songwriter, who previously joined “The Voice Teens” before being a housemate, shared his thoughts on writing songs about love. “The pain is already a part of love, so when it comes to music about love, you can either inspire or hurt a person. But that’s the goal of songwriting, to make someone feel something,” he shared.

3.    “Reason Enough” by Shawntel Cruz and Kiara Takahashi

Adult housemates Shawntel and Kiara said they were excited to collaborate together on “Reason Enough,” a meaningful song about allowing oneself to fall in love again originally sung by Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. “It suits our voices and our genre, so when they put us together, they said we were perfect for the song,” Shawntel said.

For Kiara, the song transcends the definition of a romantic love song. She enthused, “This song isn’t just about love, in general it could also be about family and friendship—having someone as a ‘reason enough’ to make you smile, make you feel loved.”

Lie, Jem, Shawntel and Kiara were all part of “PBB Otso,” the latest edition of Pinoy Big Brother where they were able to showcase not just their genuine selves but also their talents, among others. Lie went on to place 6th overall, while Kiara was hailed as the 2nd big placer.

Stream Lie, Jem, Shawntel and Kiara’s respective singles, “Sana Sana,” “Can’t Get Out” and “Reason Enough” on all digital platforms worldwide and on ABS-CBN Star Music’s YouTube channel. For more details, like StarPOP PH on, and follow it on and Instagram @starpopph.

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