Monday, November 11, 2019

JessaMae Gabon Releases Digital Single entitled ENSAYADO

Jessamae’s authentic voice, style, and musicality conveys the strength and force that makes every Filipino proud… her influences cross between the likes of Carole King, Nina Simone, Lady Gaga, and local ballad singers like Lani Misalucha and Ebe Dancel. Listening to Jessamae’s songs is like listening to the legends and to contemporary poetry. As a singer and songwriter, her passion and love for her Filipino legacy and heritage is strongly interwoven into her soul as a musician. Her songs will simply grip your heart and nourish your soul – there’s nothing like it.

Encouraged by fans and loved ones, Jessamae has released her originally written and composed song entitled “Ensayado” in October of this year. Crafted by musical arranger Jun “JT” Tamayo and produced by label executive Reck Cardinales, this masterpiece was released and published by executive producer RJA Productions LLC and now being distributed on all streaming sites by Curve Entertainment.
The song is a mix of pop-rock and retro style, utilizing fast rhythm and electronic music. Ensayado is a fresh, upbeat, original Filipino song that talks about a common but very personal process of facing one’s reservations. Faced with too many missed chances to speak one’s heart and mind, one can only imagine different ways of what might have been or could have been. Ensayado harbors longing and loneliness submerged under the colorful rhythm and contemporary synths that expresses authentic (siguro puwede pong ‘her personal influences across artists and genres', authenticity is debatable kasi) artistry.

Like a Phoenix Rising, Stronger than Ever…

Starting out as an amateur singer (colloquially known as kontesera), vocal coach, and back-up singer, she began her singing career behind multiple cover albums and as the voice behind many karaoke VCDs. In time, Jessamae grew her experience and began to spread her contemporary influence across various platforms through her voice and the power of her lyrics:
      Recipient of South East Asian Region Award for the show “Search for Unsigned Talents in Asia” (SUTASI), produced by Asia Sounds (a Melbourne based music entertainment company, 2007)
      Released a contemporary Filipino music entitled “Bagong Henerasyon” under StarMusic (formerly known as Star Records Inc., 2009)
      Finalist of the Annual Multi-awarded Gospel Song Writing Competition (Song of Praise Music Festival, 2012)
      Song Interpreter of Grand Finalists for Two Seasons (Song of Praise Music Festival, 2012, 2014)
      Released her first digital showcase under a channel called DISRUPT, a program featuring Asian performing artists, produced by MediaCorp in Singapore (2014)
Jessamae’s love for Filipino music and instruments grew even deeper in time as she delved into her musical training and as she opened herself to her local culture.

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