Friday, October 25, 2019


Powerful vocalist Zion is unyielding in his passion for music despite his continuing battle with cancer as he releases his newest single “Kailangan Kita,” produced under Star Music.

Zion said the song speaks about hearts that were abandoned in the process of chasing one’s dreams. “What good finally reaching your dreams and being on top of the world, if you’ve lost the very reason you made them in the first place? It is the anthem for abandoned hearts who struggle with being lonely at the top,” he explained.

The release of the compelling new track also comes at another trying time for Zion as he battles with cancer anew for the third time.

“The reason why I went back to music is so I may be a voice of hope after battling cancer the first time around. Beat it. Beat it twice. And now it’s back. And I am fighting it again the third time around,” he shared.

The singer-songwriter added that he hopes to be an inspiration to people who may be going through the same challenges as him. “I have always been open with this journey maybe to inspire, educate, or whatever good it may bring.”

Zion received the awards for Best Performer, Best RNB Recording and Best Ballad Recording at the 30th Awit Awards. He is just one of the numerous talented artists under Star Music—home to many of the best OPM music of today from the country’s leading media and entertainment company, ABS-CBN.

Listen to Zion’s “Kailangan Kita” on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music and watch its music video on Star Music’s YouTube Channel. For more details, like Star Music on, and follow it on Twitter and Instagram @ StarMusicPH.

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