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Naks! Luis Manzano Lives His Best Digital Life

PLDT welcomes the TV-host actor to the Home WiFi Family

Whether on- or off-screen, Luis Manzano is a master of quick-witted and hilarious antics. But there is more to this talented TV personality than most people know.

In the showbiz realm, Luis has managed to carve a name for himself and established a career as a top-rating TV game show host and versatile actor. Known for his sense of humor and rapport with the audience, he has always been passionate about making real and personal connections with people. 

“It’s honestly about making people happy. It’s what keeps me inspired in this industry. It’s a different kind of fulfillment when you know that you make an impact to someone’s life. On my social media pages, napakaraming nag-co-comment sakin na ‘Hello Luis, OFW ako. Sobrang homesick ako. Kaya pagkatapos ko ng trabaho, ginagawa ko tumitingin agad ako sa page mo para tawa kami nang tawa ng mga kasama ko dito.’ In that brief moment, you’re able to make them smile despite the difficulties they’re going through. These small things create a big picture in my life,” Luis said.

Career journey

Being a son of showbiz royalties, Luis is certainly no stranger to the entertainment industry. He started his career as a MYX VJ in 2001 and has since hosted several well-loved game and talent shows on his home network. His acting portfolio includes box-office hits where he gets to showcase his natural flair for comedy, and occasionally, drama. Notably, he played the role of a gay son who had to deal with an overbearing mother (played by his own mother) in 2009’s In My Life.

While it’s easy to assume that it was an easy journey for Luis, it was the other way around. He shares, “People believed that it was easy and that doors were automatically open for me because of my parents. But my mom gave me a valuable advice when I was starting in showbiz. She said, ‘Anak, napakadaling sumikat. But the best thing that you can do for me in the industry is to strive for longevity.’ And this is where I am after 16 years.”

His very first hosting stint at ABS-CBN’s music channel, Myx, is still Luis’ most memorable project. Reminiscing his favorite moments with Myx and the opportunities that opened up after, Luis exclaimed, “NAKS talaga yun! Ang daming NAKS moments in my career including the game shows that I hosted.”

For Luis, connecting and interacting with people through hosting is more than a job. It’s his passion. “I love the beauty of conversations. It’s priceless,” he said.

After more than a decade in the industry – Luis continues to strive for success. He concluded, “In every journey, you have your ups and downs. But at the end of the day, it’s more than worth it.”

Successful entrepreneur

Luis is also a savvy entrepreneur who has been running his own transportation line for over a decade now, and more recently, has started a new scent company.

“With my first few businesses, I wanted to play on a need,” he shared. “My whole understanding of business is that you get to maximize things if you work on needs. Everyone needs to get from point A to point B.”

Despite his busy schedule, Luis gets to personally manage and be on top of his businesses. “I am involved in the daily operations of my businesses. That’s why I’m always online. Even at home, I have to be online. From something as simple as checking the security cameras in the office to keeping tabs on my secretary and drivers.”

Luis also gets private messages on his social media accounts for his businesses. “I’m the most accessible for the customers. Whenever they send me a direct message on Instagram or Facebook messenger praising my businesses, pinapadala ko agad ‘yun sa office because these things can help and lift the mood of my staff. ‘Yung something as simple na, ‘Boss Luis, your driver is very courteous and respectful, hinintay niya kami and didn’t give us any problems…’ I forward these messages to the office. At the same time, if someone sends an incident report, I act on it immediately. Our customers know that we act on things and don’t just sweep issues under the rug. Lahat ng ‘yan tinututukan ko.”

Living his best digital life

Luis was recently launched as a brand ambassador for PLDT Home WiFi, a home internet device that can be loaded with family-sized prepaid data packs.

It’s a role that reflects his own digitally active lifestyle. As an entrepreneur and a celebrity, he understands the impact of his online presence for his business and followers. He explains, “I’m online most time of the day. I take care of a lot of things and being online helps me on my daily tasks.”

He adds, “I always have to be online. Minsan iniisip natin na we’re too addicted to the internet. Or it takes us away from the real meaning of life. It’s part and parcel of how we live now. It’s how we balance everything. Para sa akin, nothing beats a really good, stable and fast connection.”

When he’s not taking care of business, he’s likely playing his favorite console game or geeking out online. “I’m always reading about nutrition, diving, fitness, a bit of general knowledge, anything trivial. I’m a proud nerd,” he quipped.

For Luis, being able to share internet connectivity is crucial to nurturing relationships in this digital age. He added, “It’s as simple as when you step out, when you converse, when you talk to your family and you go, ‘O, have you seen this?’ or ‘O, napanood ko rin yan!’ It’s sharing the impact of the actual ‘connection.’”

Educational empowerment

As an advocate of life-long learning, Luis also sees the value of home internet in empowering school-age children. After all, nothing beats convenience and access to information coupled with proper parental guidance.

In this age of digitally savvy kids where almost everyone has access to online information, it is crucial to keep up and gain that competitive edge so they can stand out.

“Imagine, now you can have online research and group meetings for projects. And if you need extra help for a lesson, pwede kang mag-search online for video tutorials,” he explained. “Tapos kapag nag-re-review for an exam, pwede ka na ring mag-practice tests online. It’s easier now for both parents and kids to excel and achieve their goals because of easy access to information.”

His advice? Keep learning every chance you get.

I am happy that PLDT Home makes internet more accessible to Filipino homes through their prepaid offering. Let’s make the world a better place by encouraging more Filipinos to stay connected and be digitally-informed,” Luis concluded. “Let’s all progress at the same time. The best way to get started is by having reliable internet connection at home.”

Naks, daming data!

In its latest TVC, PLDT Home WiFi features the importance of internet connection especially for families with schoolchildren by highlighting the expression, “Naks, Daming alam! Dami kasing data!” Previously used as a retort, the phrase “Naks, daming alam!” has now become an expression for praise and admiration. Luis shares, “It’s one of the biggest compliments. Kapag sinabi sa akin, ‘Naks, daming alam,’ well thank you very much! That’s because I read and have access to reliable internet connection to research and learn more about the world.”

There is so much to learn online and just like Luis, families can enjoy the perks of easy access to high-speed and reliable internet from PLDT Home WiFi, powered by the country’s fastest LTE from Smart.

The new PLDT Home WiFi is now available in more areas around the country. For a one-time payment of only P1,995, customers can buy this device at all PLDT Stores and retailers, SM branches nationwide, and authorized dealers. It already comes with free 10GB of data valid for seven days. Because it is prepaid, families do not have to worry about lock-in periods, monthly bills or bill shock from uncontrolled data usage.

For only P199, families can already avail of FAMLOAD 199 which offers up to 12GB of data, valid for seven days. FamLoad data packages are conveniently available in authorized PLDT and Smart retailers, nearby sari-sari stores, telco tiangge stalls, and now, in 7-Eleven branches nationwide.

Watch PLDT Home WiFi’s latest TVC here or visit for more information.

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