Tuesday, September 3, 2019


New shows "MYX Most Viewed" and "Pinoy MYX Breakout" premiere this month!

LouDre fans will absolutely be in cloud nine as housemates-turned-lovers Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette cozy up to each other as the MYX Celebrity VJs for the entire month of September.

Lou and Andre recently finished as the third and fourth big placers of “PBB Otso” and just as everyone watched their love story unfold in front of their eyes, so can they look forward to LouDre presenting the coolest music videos on MYX. 

In addition, singer-songwriter and undeniable hitmaker Moira Dela Torre is ready to show off more of her charismatic melodies as this month’s “MYX Headliner.”

Meanwhile, indie pop-rock band The Vowels They Orbit positions themselves in the “MYX Spotlight.” Their debut single “Selos” launched this year clearly resonated with Filipinos as it charted on Spotify Philippines’ Viral 50 on the first month of its release.

Aside from LouDre, Moira, and The Vowels They Orbit, avid MYX viewers can also look forward to two new shows in the country’s number one music channel—“MYX Most Viewed” and “Pinoy MYX Breakout.”

Hosted by VJ Edward Barber, “MYX Most Viewed” is a weekly roundup of the top 10 most viewed performances on All Music MYX, a YouTube channel featuring all-MYXclusive performances. “Pinoy MYX Breakout,” on the other hand, will highlight promising music videos from local musicians.

Witness LouDre bring out the kilig on “Pop MYX” until September 7; “Pinoy MYX” from September 8 to 14; “Mellow MYX” on September 15 to 21, and “My MYX” on September 22 to 28. Also watch “MYX Most Viewed” every Sunday at 1pm and 8pm and “Pinoy MYX Breakout” on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:30pm. Watch MYX on ABS-CBN TVplus channel 12, SKYcable channel 23, and SKYdirect channel 37. 

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