Thursday, August 15, 2019


Who’s ready for a game of Hado?
Team LAYF Lou, Andre, Yamyam, and Fumiya at the Hado media launch with Hado Pilipinas hosts Denice (leftmost) and Vince (rightmost)
There’s a new game in town, adding thrill and excitement to Philippine sports as ABS-CBN introduces Hado Pilipinas, a team sport that merges the fun of dodgeball with augmented reality energy balls and shields. 

Hado (which, in Nihonggo, means vibration or wave motion) is a brand of Augmented Reality games developed in Japan, but since has been adapted in countries like China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, Russia, United Kingdom, USA, and now, here in the Philippines—as ABS-CBN continues to bring unique Kapamilya experiences in fun, engaging, and interactive themed attractions and activities.

Migs Gomez, Roxanne Montealegre, Samm Alvero, Aiyana Perlas, Vince Velasco, Denice Dinsay, Arabella del Rosario, Jeremy Glinoga, Jairus Aquino, and Kimson Tan

“This technosport combines physical and digital play in a game that various teams, groups of friends, even families can play and enjoy,” shared ABS-CBN Themed Experiences head Cookie Bartolome.
Up to six players can play Hado Player versus Player (or Hado PvP) per game, with three players per team. The teams have 80 seconds to battle it out inside the Hado PvP Arena, with the winning team decided by who knocks-out more opponents by the end of regulation.
Each team player wears a Hado head mounted display and a side arm device. These enable them to get into the game, throw virtual energy balls, and pull up their shields.
Hado Pilipinas hosts Vince Velasco and Denice Dinsay

Hado Pilipinas analysts Migs Gomez and Roxanne Montealegre

Filipinos can soon try out the game in the Hado Pilipinas Camp, opening in the last quarter of this year inside the ABS-CBN Compound.
Meanwhile, students from the universities and colleges in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) already got a taste of the thrilling new technosport as “Hado Pilipinas” currently goes around each school to introduce the sport.

The “Hado Pilipinas” journey, hosted by Vince Velasco and Denice Dinsay, airs on ABS-CBN S+A, S+A HD, LIGA, and LIGA HD every Sunday,11:30am and streams and will be available on demand on iWant starting August 25. 

The Hado Squad—composed of Jairus Aquino, Jeremy Glinoga, Arabella Del Rosario, Aiyana Perlas, Samm Alvero, and Kimson Tan—joins the HADO resident analysts, Roxanne Montealegre, Migs Gomez, and Martin Javier as they go around schools as part of the HADO roadshow.

The winning team at the ongoing Hado Pilipinas NCAA Collegiate Cup 2019 wins an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo, Japan to represent the country at the Hado World Cup 2019 in December and have a chance to win ¥2 million.

Get your game face on and prepare your team for battle! For more details, follow @hadopilipinas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit

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