Monday, July 15, 2019

What Makes a Hollywood Hero

Everyone loves heroes. Do you know what’s better than a regular hero? Hollywood heroes! These superstars from Hollywood will always take it to the next level. They are involved in bigger explosions, more intense gun-fights, and the deadliest car chases. 

What exactly makes a Hollywood hero? Is it the chiseled abs or the gorgeous blond hair? Let’s take a look at some of the things that we put together to find out what a Hollywood hero is made of. Check our list below!

The Swagger

Hollywood stars have a defining trait that no one else in the movie can emulate. They have an unmistakable gait, a swagger. When they walk it seems as if they are always moving in slow motion with explosions and bullets flying at their back. And as usual, they are untouchable.

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A Friend in Need

Most Hollywood movies are driven by one prevailing conflict, someone in need of rescue. Whether it’s a daughter, a best friend, or an adopted dog, the hero will stop at nothing to fight for their salvation. They become stronger, better, and unmistakably bleed slower than normal when they struggle to save the person they love.

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A Cool Car

It may be a classic Mustang, a modified Skyline, or a huge pick-up truck, but all Hollywood heroes come with iconic vehicles. They need something to move around and of course it has to be a sexy car. Another option includes sleek racing bikes which they ride around in doing 150 miles per hour with absolutely no helmet on.

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Weapon of Choice

Do you prefer a suit of armor, a magical legendary sword, or a customized sniper rifle? Whatever your fancy, the Hollywood hero has it in his arsenal. We absolutely love the scenes where the hero falls back into his hideout to open his supply cache or chest to pull out his chosen weapon for the clincher finale.

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A Good Fight

To fight the good fight is every hero’s call. Even if he is a loving husband or she is a sworn law-enforcement officer, to do what’s right is the rallying cry of the hero. To protect the weak, and defend the oppressed is at the heart of every action film. That’s why they’re called the good guys.

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