Thursday, May 9, 2019

FICTAP Partylist Pushes For Free WIFI and Protection From Fake Accounts

I've been introduced with a few party-list lately that's vying to win in the May 2019 elections and one caught my attention is the FICTAP. ICTAP, It’s a party list organization that's pushing for the welfare of those who wish for fast internet, ICT, VAS, Telecommunications, Cable TV and Broadcast Media. 

Estrellita "Neng" Juliano Tamano walked us through with the different laws that they will be passing on. Among these are the following:

• Improved Free Public WiFi - For Faster and Wide Coverage of Free Public WiFi

• Cellphone Users Act - Benefits and Protection to the Cellphone Users

• Custom Sim Card Act - To have a custom Sim Card for Senior Citizens, OFW, Student, Teachers and Parents

• Online Sellers, Buyers & Freelancers Act - to strengthen and regulate e-commerce that will create more jobs

• Anti-Catfish Law - to penalise internet poser creating Crime/s in Social Media

The organization knows better about these things because they're involved with the business itself and can better lobby this in the Congress with the right facts that can make the proposed laws mentioned above easier to understand and its related mechanics.

If you think they parallel with their causes, then they're #117 in your ballot.

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