Thursday, May 2, 2019


Plays taho vendor loved by students and teachers in U.P.

Not even poverty and his own illness will make taho vendor Dong Corpuz, played by Empoy Marquez, succumb to life’s trials and get in the way of his love for his wife and family, this Saturday (May 4) on “MMK.”

Despite being poor and unable to finish his studies, Dong has always persevered in life. He became a taho vendor at the University of the Philippines at Diliman, QC, where he was a hit with students and academicians because of his positivity and light-hearted manner.

After a 10-year relationship, 44-year-old Dong meets and falls in love with the 22-year-old Catherine (Jennica Garcia). Their May-December love affair causes a rift between their own families. Dong fights for their relationship and even treats Catherine’s daughter from her previous relationship, as his own. He eventually earns the respect and approval of his wife’s relatives through his genuine care for Catherine’s family. 

Catherine gets an opportunity to work in Bahrain as a domestic helper and decides to take it, to Dong’s frustration. She said it will help in their finances and help their other two kids go to school. Upon the departure of his wife, Dong becomes weak physically and emotionally. He becomes quiet and stops being the funny father he used to be because he misses his better half so much.

His body eventually gives up and is diagnosed with a lung disease. Dong pursues selling taho because he wants all of their children to get the education he and his wife were not able to attain. Aurain (Heaven Peralejo) their eldest, convinces his father she would stop going to school to help out the family. For awhile she is able to help until she gets pregnant.

Despite this, Dong uses his sense of humor to lighten up his family’s mood, and saves enough money for his two other bright children’s education. Dong and Catherine, although apart, hope for the future of their family.

Also in the episode are Alyssa Muhlach, Brenna Garcia, Yesha Camille, and Karen Toyoshima. This episode is under the direction of Paco Sta. Maria and written by Joan Habana.

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