Monday, April 29, 2019

Naho Oue Tries Showbiz For A Cause

Japanese businesswoman and aspiring actress Naho Oue is here in the Philippines as she tries her luck in Philippine showbiz. Her interest sparked on the idea that if she becomes a celebrity, it will give her more opportunity to help the poor especially the ones from Tondo whom she had the chance to assist them through a feeding program she organized. She's not up for fame but in making a difference to the lives of others as she believes being a celebrity is also being an influencer who can draw sponsorship that will support her causes.

She will be opening soon a stem cell therapy and beauty clinic that will expose the Filipino market to the latest beauty technology that will make us look younger and more beautiful.

She's a self-confessed KathNiel fan whose movies she've been watching through Netflix. She admits to have a crush on Daniel Padilla and hopes to meet him soon. If given the opportunity, she would love to star in a film with Vice Ganda whom she admires as well.

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