Sunday, February 10, 2019


Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock featured

The month of February brings with it a selection of hit adaptations and Oscar-winning films on ABS-CBN TVPlus’ Movie Central channel.

An outrageous pairing with her assistant, Ryan Reynolds (Andrew), happens when Sandra Bullock (Margaret) is threatened to get deported in “The Proposal” this February 16 on the channel’s Movie Blowout. Margaret, who is Canadian, faces no choice but to force her assistant Andrew to marry her and keep her visa status in the U.S.

An action-packed adventure awaits viewers with Dylan O’ Brien’s “Maze Runner,” (February 23),  a story of a boy trying to escape a maze after his memory was erased.  

Meanwhile, movie lovers are up for a marathon of Oscar-winning productions this February 25.

Find out how William Wallace will give justice to her secret bride’s death and revolt against King Edward I of England in Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” (Best Picture, 1995).

The comedy-cum-psychological drama “Silver Linings Playbook” brings the talented Jennifer Lawrence’s (Best Actress, 2013) Oscars award-winning portrayal of a widow determined to help recovering mental health patient played by Bradley Cooper.  

In “Zero Dark Thirty,” (Best Sound Editing, 2013) subscribers can learn how the dedicated female operative played by Jessica Chastain (Maya) found Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, catch “12 Years A Slave” (Best Picture, 2014) which revolves around the story of free man who was drugged, kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Aside from the four films mentioned, don’t miss othjer Oscar winners including the Brie Larson starrer “Room” (Best Actress, 2016), Octavia Spencer’s winning portrayal as Minny Jackson in “The Help” (Best Supporting Actress, 2012), “Argo” (Best Picture, 2013), and “Her” (Best Screenplay, 2014).

ABS-CBN TVplus also has another good news for its viewers as it extends the trial of its new channels.

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