Thursday, January 24, 2019


Renowned international acting coach Anthony Vincent Bova just concluded a year-long workshop with GMA Artist Center stars recently.
 “The workshop was devised in different sections for different purposes. One was empowerment and personality development, maturing the actors to have a fruitful and stable career. It’s not just about craft. If you’re not balanced as a human being, it’s going to be a problem and you see it happen all the time with big stars. I strongly believe that it’s not just about being a good actor, but you have to be a balanced person,” said Bova, when asked to briefly describe what he taught various GMA Artist Center stars. 

Veteran actress Ana Feleo, who also trained under Bova, was his co-teacher for the workshop. 

Among the artists who participated in the workshop were Rocco Nacino, Mikee Quintos and Thea Tolentino. 

“I’ve learned a lot about archetypes. I’ve always had trouble portraying positive archetypes. I was able to further explore myself through archetypes. You should always explore what you feel, because that unexplored feeling might be holding you back from something,” said Thea.

“We were always challenged every workshop to explore characters we weren’t used to playing. We were taught how to focus better for our scene on television. The workshop is physically tiring but very fulfilling. I had a lot of skeletons in my closet, through the workshop, I realized that if you tap on it and release yourself from those demons, you’ll love yourself even more,” said Rocco.

“I’ve learned to be braver when it comes to facing a scene. I’ve also learned how to immerse myself better in a scene. We were also taught to trust ourselves. We’re thankful to GMA for investing on this kind of workshop for us,” said Mikee.

Bova will be back in the country soon to conduct another batch of workshops for Kapuso stars. 

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