Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Sylvia Sanchez Gets Personal with "SYLVIAHERA"

Admittedly, I was surprised that top-caliber actress Sylvia Sanchez would make her own vlog but then I realized, why not. Celebrities should not be boxed by the roles they play or by how media manipulate their image. The public now deserves to see the real person that they are and blogging/vlogging has been a great tool to showcase that.

Her vlog "SYLVIAHERA" will bring us to a food and travel journey that's close to her heart. I was able to watch the first episode prior to its launch and it really has that homecoming feels in a province. According to director Nico Garcia, Sylvia's vlog is a 20 minute docu which will have sub programs of a day in a life of a mother who hailed from Agusan. Different recipes, an evolution, not to teach but mostly to share how she feels about a good culinary adventure will be featured. This is much like tracing her roots, to teach the younger generation things that are not complicated. Go to places even in a cramped area, to cook in other countries and how to simplify recipes. She will be joined by her family including her celebrity children Arjo and Ria.

Check out and subscribe to Casa Nieves TV channel on Youtube and their Facebook page as they have uploaded already the first episode (as shown below). Detailed recipes will be featured as well in the upcoming episodes. As someone who once lived in the province, the vlog is close to my heart as it's transporting me to my past where I had a very good one. I'm inspired to do a vlog that will help my audience get to know my core as well.

Kudos to you Ms Sylvia and team for putting out there in the online world something that will make us feel better and would help us appreciate life with gusto.

Here's the gist of the first episode.

How to keep your family together…
And how to make each time that you are together memorable…
Especially when the time comes that the children already have their own lives.
This is the dilemma of Jojo Campo, a simple girl from the town of Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte in the island of Mindanao who became an actress known as Sylvia Sanchez and eventually married a man from a traditional Spanish family.
Presently, two of her kids already followed her footsteps in the entertainment industry and she is already feeling the struggle of bringing everyone in the family together to enjoy a meal she prepared.
One Christmas morning, she went to her hometown alone, built a box that transforms into a one-burner kitchen, and decides to embark into a culinary adventure with a goal of finding ingredients, learning new recipes, and bond with mothers who are also going through the same situation–and eventually rekindle simple, warm moments with the family that she implores to keep together, no matter what… and it is through food and conversation that she expresses her joy and love for them.
Sylviahera is a mother’s journey that will tell us that no matter how seldom a family eats together, it is how much love and preparation you put into it that will make it special and memorable.

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