Friday, December 28, 2018


The Netflix Interactive Film you’re about to experience is different from other Netflix Interactive Films... namely because it’s the only one.
In this ’80s-set, sometimes morally-compromising adventure, you alone are in charge of what happens next. The journeys you go on are a direct result of your decisions.

There are choices to be made, challenges to overcome, dangers to encounter and, as always in life (and Black Mirror), consequences to be had. Choosing wisely could lead to triumph while taking the wrong path could end in disaster -- but who’s to say what’s "right" and "wrong," anyway? And fret not because once one experience comes to a close, you can -- and should! -- go back and make a new choice, alter the path of your story and maybe even change its outcome.

To experience the suspenseful world of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and make decisions beyond your wildest imagination, click here.
To take a glimpse at what this world entails before immersing in the film, click here.
To make the questionable decision of going about your business and not interacting with a Black Mirror film unlike anything ever seen before, click here. Or here. Here, too. And maybe even here.

Black Mirror launches on Netflix on December 28, 2018.

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