Monday, June 27, 2022

‘Kailan’: Darwin Navarro launches debut single under O/C Records

Singer-songwriter and former The Next Odd Creature top finalist, darwin navarro, makes his debut release under O/C Records with ‘Kailan’ on Wednesday, June 29. 

Kailan renders a pop-rock tune that elicits an energetic yet nostalgic mood. The track speaks of a recurring powerful question and moment when one seemingly gets into a challenging situation of a painful heartbreak. 

“Kailan, a simple yet powerful question, is one of the things we ask ourselves when we are going through something hard such as ‘when will we get over this?’ or ‘kailan ka ba mawawala sa buhay ko?” Darwin shares. 

He adds, “I hope that listeners can remember these people who put them in that awful situation. I hope that they are able to acknowledge the heartbreak, the pain that they felt and embrace it.” 

The crafting process of the song served as the artist’s healing piece when he went through a heartbreak a few years ago—presenting the narrative of the record to many through his music springs from the artist’s desire to usher the same kind of “healing” that this record has brought into his recovery course. 

The track was Darwin Navarro’s performance piece at The Next Odd Creature talent search. After getting signed under the label a few months after the show had concluded, the singer-songwriter serves the newest version of the record in which a consequential transformation has been made to offer its prime structure to everyone. 

“It’s not anymore that wistful, folky, mellow song that I’ve sung in the Next Odd Creature. It’s more of a pop-rock heartbreak anthem,” he explains. 

Darwin Navarro has worked with Nick Lazaro on the arrangement of the new record. The sonic structure is geared towards a happy yet melancholic vibe as the artist aimed to craft an upbeat song that one can cry and dance to. 

Since Navarro’s music career began, the artist ventured into telling personal stories about the complexity of love, all-encompassing its beauty, authenticity, and hopelessness. Through this record, he showcases his ability to serve as an inspiration and bring a sense of healing to anyone who needs it. 

“The production of this record truly developed my artistry by teaching me that not all sad songs should sound so down and crestfallen! Some sad songs let you dance out your pain and heartbreak like no one's watching, and Kailan is definitely one of those songs,” he shares. 

Kailan is now available for streaming on digital music platforms, including SpotifyApple Music, and YouTube.

Stream here: 'Kailan'

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