Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Grace Cristobal and Direk Bobet Vidanes Join Forces for Blvck Entertainment and Blvck Creative Studio

There's a new talent management in the metro. BLVCK Entertainment is the newest talent management agency that aims to discover and develop new and upcoming artists. Black Entertainment is set to launch a fresh roster of singers, dancers, models, actors and even online personalities. 

Its managing director will be Lunch Out Loud consultant, director Bobet Vidanes. BLVCK Entertainment is part of the Blvk Creative Studio with Grace Cristobal as its CEO. 

They currently have ongoing auditions and their goal is to leverage on your skills and talents where you will shine the most. Direk Bobet stressed that he will not espouse promoting having his talents be a jack of all trade, rather focus on competencies that will him/her more successful. Their office is located at 2F Grandia Place, 143 Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City. 

There’s a saying, “once you go BLACK, you can never go back.” That’s what Blvck Creative Studio and Blvck Entertainment are all about!

The team will be open for co-management and will accommodate those who have lost jobs during this pandemic. Their respective managers can go ahead visiting their office for appointments and schedule auditions/interviews.

Miss Grace stressed the importance of caring their talents as if they are there second parents with no intentions but the best for them. She believes that once they signed up with Blvck Entertainment, they will not entertain the thought of leaving even if they reach to the point of stardom already.

During the launch, Engr Louie Cristobal shared that they target to produce at least two films this year. 

Meanwhile, Direk Bobet is still in cloud 9 after landing number 1 Councilor in Rizal in the recently concluded elections.

Blvck Creative Studio is a high-end studio that offers state of the art equipment for photoshoots and recordings. The studio’s modern and minimalist aesthetics is definitely one for the ‘Gram!

Coffee lovers may also enjoy their “black” or with cream as  Blvck Creative Studio also houses CafĂ© Gracia, a rustic and quaint coffee shop.

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