Sunday, June 12, 2022

7th talks about commitment in relationships in new single, ‘Sulyap’

Rising four-piece band 7th launches their newest single, ‘Sulyap’ on Friday, June 10.

Following the release of their sophomore single, Sandali, in February 2021, 7th is back with a new single, Sulyap. Published as the band’s debut single under O/C Records, Sulyap presents a bop track carrying a meaningful and relatable narrative as it explores

the notion of commitment in relationships.

“Inspired by the iconic line: “it’s not you, it’s me’, the song is about being unsure about committing to a relationship, but at the same time, you’re longing for the person you want to spend the rest of your lifetime.”

Sulyap holds a message of being firm about a decision to commit to a person. The track exhibits an exemplum of how there will be no guaranteed assurance that the person one has let go will still be “available” and will be on the same page when the other has finally decided to settle and commit.

Written and arranged around 2019 by lead guitarist and vocalist, Brendan Grey,

alongside keyboardist Von Acosta, back when both were still freshmen in college,

Sulyap was shared with other members of the band to polish its overall artistic

arrangement and is finally out of the vault to connect with everyone who can relate to its narrative.

“The song's inspiration is timely and realistic to what infatuation is all about and how different it is from love,” says the band.

They added, “We decided to push through with this song for our comeback single and finish the composition of Sulyap because of the timeliness of the message of the songthat we think most of our audiences could relate to because we believe that most of us have gone through this phase where we liked, clicked, or even vibed with someone but

not to the extent of committing to them.”

Sulyap features an alternative indie-pop record — rendering a happy and hopeful vibe.

When lead guitarist and vocalist, Brendan Grey, shared the piece with the rest of the 7th band members, the group immediately had the vision to craft a “summer upbeat-like” record for their third single — “a song that everyone can relate to and at the same time, vibe with.”

Having the record as their debut release under O/C Records, 7th shared that the

production of the track is motivated by their quest to make the song a part of their journey under the label; hence, the underlying meaning of its chronicle holds varying definitions for the band.

“This song could mean many things not just to us but also to our fellow listeners. I

believe that as a songwriter, songs can be interpreted in various ways, depending on the chapter of your life.”

Crafting the overall structure and message of the track shaped a stronger bond among 7th band members as they affirm that the journey has been challenging but has opened doors for more artistic exploration that nurtures each member’s creative ideas.

Sulyap is produced and arranged by Von Acosta, Bren Dan Bantog, Alexandra

Arriesgado, and Jearvel Bonjoc and mixed and mastered by Hazel Pascua.

Sulyap is now available for streaming on digital music platforms, including Spotify,

Apple Music, and YouTube.

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