Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Julie Anne San Jose Gets A Glow Boost with Aqua Skin

Aqua Skin Philippines recently introduced its newest endorser in the name of 
ASIA'S Limitless Star Julie Anne San Jose.

Aqua Skin is a Japanese brand focusing on improving beauty and wellness. Through extensive research and development, the company came up with premium products that became a hit on the market while providing the clients with a high-end and satisfying consumer experience.

Julie Anne revealed that she likes the Aqua Skin Amino Collagen Powder because it's tasteless that she can easily incorporate it to any drink of her liking. She's confident recommending it to friends, family, and loved ones to boost their confidence and support their overall health. 

Aqua Skin Amino Collagen powder is made from premium and leading ingredient, ceramide. It helps skin barrier against free radicals and promotes moisture within the skin.

Among its popular products were Aqua Skin Glutathione Capsules, Aqua Skin Gold, Aqua Skin Amino Collagen Powder, Aqua Skin Kagayaki Drink, Tsubaki Soap, and Aqua Skin Lipstick.

Aqua Skin brand manager, Max Perez, shared that when Julie Anne has been their target to be their brand ambassador. She admires the singer-actress life disposition and positive outlook. 

During the mediacon, Julie Anne stresses the importance of staying optimistic is relevant to her overall health because her mind is as important as her body. 

Of course, apart from consuming Aqua Skin Collagen, it's obvious that she's glowing like someone who's in love. We tried teasing her to his rumored inspiration but she insisted that it'd be the guy to answer it.

For more information and to order Aqua Skin products, check out https://www.facebook.com/AquaskinPhilippinesOfficial on Facebook, or @aquaskin_ph on Instagram.

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