Monday, January 17, 2022


 A musical sendoff to his younger self…

Budding music artist Recio has put together a collection of songs inspired by his own personal feelings and struggles in his debut extended play (EP) “How Does It Feel” or simply “HDIF,” which was released under ABS-CBN’s Tarsier Records.


The project, which serves as a sendoff to Recio’s younger self, demonstrates his rich artistry through its exploration of diverse themes and sounds using analogue and digital instruments. “I can say that the tracks in the EP are a farewell to the younger, immature mindset and I suggest listening to the entire EP in one go. I’ve always left subtle inter-text references to previous songs and experiences I’ve put into the world,” Recio said, who wrote, produced, and sang the tracks on the EP all on his own.


Included in the “HDIF” EP are his previously released compositions “Tired Eyes,” “Know,” and “Price ‘O Love,” as well as the titular song “How Does It Feel” and the carrier single “In Bloom.”


“In Bloom,” an alternative track that was a late addition to the EP, eventually became the carrier single since Recio feels that it is the song that will help him the most to transition into his more mature self. The song, which made it to Spotify Philippines’ New Music Friday playlist last Friday (Jan. 14), captures one’s strong feelings of love, care, and unshakeable faith for another person and boasts of a feel-good vibe and relatable lyrics.


“Even through distance and bad times, love for someone really never goes away, whether they’re in bloom, living their best moments, or when their sun’s set and all they can feel is darkness, you try your best to support them. It’s a track that everyone could relate to,” he explained.


Recio was one of the Tarsier Records’ Class of 2021 performers who signed on to the label after initially releasing music independently. Last year, he also inked a management contract under ABS-CBN’s Star Magic.


Explore your own emotions and thoughts by streaming Recio’s “How Does It Feel” EP, out now on various digital music platforms. For updates, follow Tarsier Records on various social media accounts @tarsierrecords.

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