Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Nico Bolzico goes extra for beef and the Philippines in Solane Kitchen Moments

Cooking show Solane Kitchen Moments reveals a side of entrepreneur-cum-celebrity Nico Bolzico that’s far from his usual comedic nature. While most see him on Instagram as the witty and loving husband of Filipina-French actress Solenn Heussaff, the YouTube series by LPG brand Solane shows a man who is very passionate about his work and goes the extra mile for the environment.

Despite differences between the Filipino culture and Argentina’s, his hometown, Bolzico feels right at home with the countries’ shared love for food. “We come from cultures where food plays a key role in our lives. It's become the center in gatherings, meetings, and family meals,” he stated in a separate interview.

Growing up with a farm and raised eating beef on the regular, it doesn’t come as a surprise that one of his earliest businesses in the Philippines is importing beef from his birthplace. Named Bolzico Beef, the shop’s mouthwatering products are purely and sustainably grass-fed – one of the many reasons why the brand is largely applauded. Grass consumed by cattle is replanted, and each animal is raised with patience and great care for about three years. And these well-loved and well-received beef cuts star in the dishes Bolzico whipped up on Solane Kitchen Moments.

The first dish, Balsamic Bolzico Beef, is an inviting appetizer that’s kept simple with only four ingredients and the knowledge that the tastiest meals don’t need much as long as their ingredients are top-notch. Meanwhile, Bolzico Beef Bolognese is a pasta dish that, according to Bolzico, is yet to be seen in any restaurant here in the country. Unlike your usual bolognese, unconventional techniques keep the beef flavorful and the tomatoes fresh – just the way the Argentine beef lover likes it.

Aside from bringing the best beef products into the Philippines, Bolzico has a greater vision. As part of his dedication to be carbon neutral, he is leading massive efforts that allow cattle raised locally to be at par with or even better than imported beef. “The less steps from the farm to your plate, the better,” he mentioned on Solane Kitchen Moments.

As a restaurateur with just a passion for good, low-impact food by his side, Bolzico expressed his gratitude for Solane’s program, “I love the freshness of the show. [It] brings in people who are not cooks and [allows them to] share recipes that mean a lot to them but haven't had the opportunity to share them.” He was even able to show off an impressive kitchen trick that he learned from his brother-in-law, Erwan Heussaff. 

Watch and learn more about Nico Bolzico’s kitchen techniques and sustainable approach to food – head over to the Solane YouTube channel now.

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