Thursday, June 3, 2021

Gracenote releases “City of Vulnerability” from “Small World” album

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Filipino pop rock band Gracenote released their song “City of Vulnerability” last May 28, 2021. This song is part of their 15-track album “Small World” released on February 29, 2020. The album presents a new kind of music Gracenote wants to offer to their listeners with each track signifying a journey.

Composed by Eunice Jorge back in 2017, she shared that the song “…tells the story of a girl who’s trying to break down her walls for a guy para magkaroon sila ng connection then suddenly the guy left her in the middle of nowhere. So yung girl hindi niya alam saan siya pupunta.” The band mused how collaborative the experience was with their producer Nick Lazaro of La Balls Studio.

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The preparations for the series of music video shoots for their album “Small World” marked the birth of Eunice Jorge’s iconic ocean blue hair. Shot in Hongkong back in 2019, “City of Vulnerability” is the first song from their album they shot a music video for. The story is about strangers finding a connection with one another as they discover their place in the city. “…ang laki sobra ng city or ang laki ng mundo, pero once na magkaroon na ng connection, parang biglang lumiliit at pinagsasama kayo.” Eunice went on to define their latest album as an allegory of today’s connectivity and how music is able to bridge connections among people, making the world somehow appear smaller.

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Gracenote, composed of members Eunice Jorge (composer/ vocalist), EJ Pichay (drums), Tatsi Jamnague (guitars), and Jazz Jorge (bass) has been in the music industry for 13 years. Their many years of friendship have been a solid foundation for their deep connection with one another but their equal commitment and passion for music are what kept them together this long as a band.

With millions of streams on Spotify, Gracenote is once again set to give us all the feels with a song for everyone who was left hanging. “Gumawa kami ng lugar para sa mga taong hindi mahanap yung lugar nila or walang lugar sa isang tao.”

Stream “City of Vulnerability”:

Spotify | Official Music Video 

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