Wednesday, June 16, 2021


 What will it take for them to stop bickering? 


Deib (Donny Pangilinan) and Maxpein (Belle Mariano) now have no choice but to help each other on a project after the school principal caught them in a fight inside the school grounds in the top trending series produced by ABS-CBN Entertainment, iWantTFC and Star Cinema, “He’s Into Her,” which airs on the Kapamilya Channel and A2Z every Sunday at 8:45 PM. 


As the two protest the principal’s decision to bring them together, Maxpein and Deib will have to put up with each other or face suspension if they dare defy him. They have been instructed to come up with an anti-bullying campaign.   


The two seemed to be on their way to patching things up as Deib felt guilty for the prank that his friends pulled on Maxpein and was ready to pay her the P10,000 that was taken from her wage at a restaurant where she works part-time. Upon hearing Maxpein say Deib's own mother couldn’t love him for his ways, he felt insulted and humiliated and decided that their fight is far from over. 


Meanwhile, Deib continues to carry his own set of problems in life. His beloved brother remains in the hospital in a coma Adding to this is the pressure he feels every day in school.  


He also faces an upcoming basketball championship series with anxiety as the entire Benison student body expects him to bring home the trophy. When the rival school’s team captain Randell (Jeremiah Lisbo) challenged him and his friends to a warm up game, they lost and it immediately spread on social media.  


Will Maxpein find out that Deib has his own problems? Will they ever get through the project without fighting?


Catch “He’s Into Her”'s fourth episode on iWantTFC this Friday and on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, TFC, and on Kapamilya Online Live via the YouTube channel and Facebook page of ABS-CBN Entertainment on Sunday.  

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